Types of Foot Pain

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It is very often that your feet may feel occasional shooting pains after you have given a lot of stress on it or due to some malfunction of some ligament or bone inside the feet. The foot pain can be treated after the cause is diagnosed properly in the following cases like heel spurs, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

The are several types of foot pain which major are described below:

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs have similar symptoms that of plantar fasciitis. The sufferer may feel the pain in heel and probably in the arch of the feet. The pain seems specifically acute when a person walks after he or she has been seated for prolong time. When there is a heel spur, you can feel acute pain when you press at the heel front and where the arch and heel intersect.

The heel spur is formed at the pointy annex of the heel bone. The causes of heel spurs are when some fascia is pulled off in the heel bone and results in some blood being left behind on it. When these little blood droplets sit on the heel bone, after calcified it becomes like a little extra bone, this occurs heel spur.

If you want permanent relief from it, going to a doctor will help you in doing so. Sometimes you may need to undergo a surgery to remove spurs but you will always have to put on orthotics.

Metatarsal Stress Fracture

The pain occurs in the thin long bone of your foot top joined with your toes. There is swelling or redness caused in the area where the stabbing pain will certainly knock over upon touching it. This generally occurs under the strain of running for long distances and if not, then the shoes you are wearing might be too tight for your feet.

You can observe a bone on the foot top, which has grown as a consequence of the weight applied to it. The treatment for it generally takes four to six weeks.

Plantar Fasciitis

This one is the commonest form of foot injury or pain. The pain is realized by you at the time when you get out of your bed and even when you stand up after being seated for longer hours. The pain due to plantar fasciitis can be confirmed when you feel extensive pain in the middle of the heel. This is caused when the fascia in your foot forms the arch connecting the heel bone to the balls of the feet.

The weight of your body moves improperly through the arch so that it gets overstretched. To treat this pain, it is important to make sure that hamstrings and calves of the feet are well-stretched. It is basically an inflammation of fascia. You can also take anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling.

Flat Feet

Flat feet have number of symptoms, which is not similarly experienced by each one of you. These include pain in the arch, tired legs, low back pain and sore or tired feet. If your foot is weak the pain increases much. This happens while standing, when your weight falls at inside of the foot, and the arch almost entirely disappears.

This occurs when the fascia become overstretched, which results in the flexibility loss of your arch and it, does not work like a spring. To reduce the pain, your arch should be provided with extra support by arch strapping. However, a podiatrist can effectively solve the problem of foot pain.