Heal Plantar Fasciitis

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you know that each step you take out of bed in the morning is like you are walking on broken glass!  But did you know that you can heal plantar fasciitis quickly using 5 simple steps that will make each step you take out of bed each morning, feel like you are walking on a warm sandy beach?  And the best part is that you don’t even have to leave the comfort and convenience of your own home!

But before I reveal these 5 simple, step-by-step techniques, why is it that so many people go on suffering, endlessly with plantar fasciitis to the point that they pretty much give up hope of ever getting permanent foot pain relief?

Look no further than your local Doctor or GP.  There has been a long heated debate in the medically community about what exactly causes plantar fasciitis but of more concern is how often doctor’s contradict each other when it comes to this repetitive strain injury.  To be more specific, doctors and the medical community often use the terms plantar fasciitis and heel spurs synonymously to describe foot pain.   To the average plantar fasciitis sufferer this makes things even more confusing and misleading.

So which is it, plantar fasciitis or heel spurs?

If you’ve wondered what the real secret is to healing plantar fasciitis, you must first know that heel spurs are actually a side effect of plantar fasciitis.  It’s also important to note that heel spurs only occur or develop after your foot fascia becomes inflamed.  A heel spur is actually new bone that forms on the bottom of your heel but strangely enough are not painful.  When your plantar fasciitis has been cured, heel spurs can still be seen on an x-ray.

Another challenge when trying to heal your nagging and plantar fasciitis is that doctors often contradict each other.  For example, you may visit one doctor and they will tell you that you have flat feet and that this is the cause of your foot pain.  You could then literally walk across the street and another doctor will tell you that you have high arches and that this is why you have foot pain.  So how do you even expect to fully heal your stubborn foot pain when doctors can’t even get it right?

Well, let me make easy for you!

As someone who’s “walked in your shoes” and knows the knee buckling pain of plantar fasciitis, you don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash on doctors, podiatrists, cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory pills or expensive, custom orthotic shoes or inserts to eliminate your foot pain.  All they will do is take your money and not your pain!

In fact, you don’t even have to leave the comfort and convenience of your comfy chair to perform easy plantar fasciitis stretches!  To be brutally honest and up front with you, all it really takes to completely heal your foot pain are 5 simple, step-by-step techniques that you can do at home while sitting in your comfy chair, watching your favorite television show – without any special exercise equipment or gadgets!

healing plantar fasciitis

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